NETS is dedicated to improving the health and safety of employees, their families and the community by preventing traffic crashes that occur both on- and off-the-job.




Fleet Safety

10 Facts Employers Must Know »

For any organization with employees on the roadway.

Road Safety Resources »

Links to help with your Road Safety Program.

Costs of Crashes »

Developing a business case for fleet safety.


Sharing the Road

Pedestrian Safety »

This comprehensive site provides items devoted to pedestrian safety:

Sharing the Road with Large Vehicles »

Links on a highway safety study.


High-Risk Driving

Driver Fatigue Quiz »

How much do you know about sleep and sleep debt? Take this 12 question quiz to find out.

Aggressive Driving Resources »

Aggressive Driving, Road Rage and Driver Aggression.

Impaired Driving Resources »

Avoid alcohol-related vehicle crashes.

Distracted Driving Resources »

Resources to help prevent crashes from cell phone use, fatigue, and bad habits.


Other Safety Resources

The Transportation Research Center (TRC) »

The TRC is a leader in automotive testing. Among its many capabilities, it crash tests vehicles for NHTSA and provides the star ratings used by NHTSA.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) »

This comprehensive road safety site provides information on distracted driving, impaired driving and many other road safety topics.

Free videos made available by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. »

Videos on road and car safety issues, viewable online.

International Road Safety Resources »

NETS’ members do business in 160 countries. Here are some informative sites devoted to international road safety.