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2015 Benchmark Conference and 2015 Benchmark Report

All conference materials including the DY 2014 Benchmark Report, presentations (including those that are too large to load on this site), and agenda may be accessed through Dropbox. If the link below doesn’t open, please copy and paste the following link for Dropbox access:

2015 (Data Year 2014) Benchmark Report

2015 NETS Benchmark Report 2015

NETS Benchmark Rept_A1_Analytics 2015

NETS Benchmark Rept_A2_

Survey Response Graphs

2015 NETS Questionnaire_RTF_040915

DY2014 NETS Pivot Table_Anonymous_102815

DY2014 NETS Summary Table_ANON_082715

DY2014 NETS Survey Respsonses_Anon_102815

Conference Agenda and Presentations


Anderson_Leveraging NETS Benchmark Program

Brooking_Building Community Support for Traffic Safety Legislation

Coiner_Benchmark Beyond the Numbers

Eenink_Options for Optimizing NETS’ Benchmark Methodology

Ferrara_NETS Data Platform

Guerrini_The Consequences of an Incidental Fleet

Lee_Driver Behaviors and Risk Reduction

LeMaster_Role of the Private Sector in Advancing Road Safety

Radujkov_Leveraging NETS Benchmark Program

Tomlinson_Ryder Collision Avoidance Technology Case Study

Vivoda_Benchmark Statistical Analysis Results

Watson_Risk-based Defensive Driver Training

Worley_Monsanto IVMS Implementation Results and Making the Business Case for IVMS Investment

Wright_Leveraging NETS Benchmark Program

For a link to the ComEd Kids Video from Bill McBride’s presentation (Leadership’s Role in Road Safety), please contact Ed Suarez ( or Shiloh Liberatore (

The following presentations are too large for this site. You may access them in Dropbox using the link above, or email Susan Gillies at to request a copy be emailed to you:

  • Dr. Jennifer Bell- Evaulation of telematics Feedback to Drivers to Reduce Risky Driving Behaviors
  • Emilio Lopez and Terry Thomas- Case Study: Road Safety at UPS
  • Dr. Stephen Popkin- Myth of the Iron Man: How Sleep Makes You (and Your Company) Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
  • Dave Teater: New Research on Distracted Driving
  • David Zuby: Automobile Safety and Its Future