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DSWW 2013 poster sample


Place this poster in the lobby, breakroom or other high-traffic area of your organization prior to and during the week of the campaign to help create awareness. We’ve taken special care to create a poster with a message that you can display all year long to help employees, visitors and customers remember to stay focused on the basics of safe driving!

Everything you need to work with your local printer is all here so you can create as many posters as needed, in various sizes to cover all your well-traveled areas!

In addition, if you would like to distribute the poster electronically to all employees, you can use the .png version.


These are large files suitable for professional printing or printing with a laser or inkjet printer.

download 18x24 poster pdf »

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dsww banner 728x90

banner ad 720px x 90px

For use on web pages. Click to see actual size.

dsww banner 125x125

banner ad 125px x 125px

For use on web pages

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dsww banner 240x120

banner ad 120px x 240px

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dsww logo gif
DSWWlogo.gif (4kb)

DSWW logo

Available as a web-ready .gif, a transparent .png, or a print-ready .eps file.

The eps file is for working with professional printers requesting a "vector" format.

To download the gif file shown here, right click on the image and choose "save".

download a zipped file with the .png, .gif, .jpg and .eps logo files »


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