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how to use Drive Safely Work Week campaign materials

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The Drive Safely Work Week campaign materials have been designed for ease of use from a planning perspective. You'll find meaningful activities that reinforce the program's safe driving messages yet won't take significant time away from the work day. Everything is electronic, designed for distribution with ease and requiring minimal printing.

Fact/Tip Sheets

Start here to become familiar with the campaign's main focus. You'll find facts and information on distracted driving but not just from the perspective of the driver. We've also provided helpful tips on what can be done to avoid distracted driving-related incidents from the position of the passenger, pedestrian or cyclist. To wrap up your campaign, we've provided some inspiring ideas on how to take the campaign messages outside of the workplace to share with family and community members. Finally, although most information is directed to employees, you’ll find additional information targeted to management.

Daily Activities

Next, click on the Daily Activities tab and download and print the .pdf summary of activities to plan your week. Note the supporting resources available for each day. To view these, simply go back and click on the corresponding day of the week, listed at the left on the site. Unless otherwise noted, the activity sheets have been designed for use by your campaign administrator, with the corresponding resources designed for distribution to the employees.

hero iconThe role model icon is used throughout the materials to note an activity that can be taken outside of the workplace to share the campaign's messages with family and community members.


Under the graphics tab, you’ll find files of the campaign poster with which you can work with your local printer or internal graphics department, if applicable. We took care to produce a poster that can be displayed throughout the year to reinforce the safe driving messages of the campaign week. You’ll also find web banners and graphics for your Internet or Intranet site.

Tell us about your campaign

We enjoy hearing how different organizations implemented their DSWW campaign or if you have feedback on how your efforts were received by employees. We hope you’ll find the campaign materials useful within your organization and also encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to share them with members of the communities in which your organization operates.  Finally, if you know of any safe-driving role models within your organization, please tell us about them at

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