NETS is dedicated to improving the health and safety of employees, their families and the community by preventing traffic crashes that occur both on- and off-the-job.



Fleet Safety

Road Safety Resources

Work-Related Roadway Crashes: Challenges and Opportunities for Prevention

This web page provides a comprehensive view of the issues affecting the prevention of work-related roadway crashes. It recommends preventive measures for employers.

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA)

This site provides information  regarding federally regulated vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

NHTSA is dedicated to reducing vehicle-related crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

This site provides detailed information on the investigation of selected highway crashes.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safey (IIHS)

The IIHS has been testing the safety of vehicles since 1959.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)

VTTI is respected internationally for its research in transportation safety.

The Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT)

ASIRT is a leading US based international road safety organization dedicated to improving global road safety through education, advocacy, and the creation of sustainable road safety programs and partnerships worldwide. Through their website you can learn more about their recent activities and order Road Travel Reports; comprehensive documents for over 160 countries describing road conditions, culture and safety tips for drivers, pedestrians and commuters alike.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

UMTRI is respected internationally for its research in transportation safety.