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The Novice Driver’s Road Map

Practice is the key to a novice driver’s education. To help parents succeed as a driving coach, NETS has produced a new edition of The Novice Driver’s Road Map, an 8-step guide for parents. The Road Map is an easy-to-follow guide for parents to guide teens in the practice needed to be a safe, focused driver — and in most states, also required to be licensed.


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Drive 1:
The Empty Parking Lot
Drive 2:
Residential Rural Area
Drive 3:
City/Business District
Drive 4:
Shopping Center Parking Lot
Drive 5:
Major Highway
Drive 6:
Drive 7:
Night Driving
Drive 8:
Inclement Weather
The Coach's Game Book:
Included in the Novice Driver’s Road Map is The Coach’s Game Book, a guide with tips for adult coaches to supervise their novice driver’s practice time.