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Road Safety At Work – Helping Employers and Drivers Make BC Roads a Safer Workplace

Road Safety At Work – Helping Employers and Drivers Make BC Roads a Safer Workplace…

Road Safety At Work is a partnership initiative between the Justice Institute of BC and WorkSafeBC. Our vision is to “Reduce motor vehicle incidents and worker deaths and injuries on BC roads.” We will accomplish that by working with employers and their employees that drive, engaging and supporting them to implement workplace changes that improve and sustain road safety performance.
Our mission is to:
• Inform B.C. employers about their responsibilities associated with work-related driving;
• Engage workplaces to take action and integrate road safety into their safety programs or management systems;
• Enable and assist employers to establish, change or improve their road safety programs.
Road Safety At Work has four core strategies.
• Listen and understand employer issues and needs;
• Increase awareness of work-related road safety;
• Develop and deliver safety solutions to meet their needs and compliance requirements;
• Collaborate with stakeholders and health and safety associations.

The key services we provide include:
Tools and Resources – Visit the Road Safety At Work website for practical information about current road safety topics, tools you can apply in your workplace, and resources for building your road safety program.
Workshops – We offer half-day workshops focussing on a 5-step process to design, implement and improve a road safety program. If you and other employers have common road safety challenges you want to work on, we would be pleased to collaborate with you to develop resources and solutions.
Consulting Services – We offer our road safety expertise free to any of British Columbia’s 200,000+ employers. If they want help starting or improving a road safety program, or are having difficulties with a particular road safety issue, we’re happy to work with them – in-person, over-the-phone or online – to develop and deliver practical solutions.

Also, go to for winter driving tips and for information on roadside worker safety to

Rick Walters, RPF
Road Safety Program Manager