Dear Team Member:

Whether you consider yourself a good driver or maybe even a great driver, the reality is that many of us have habits that could lead to unsafe driving behaviors. Speeding is often a factor in vehicle crashes.

You are important – to your families, friends, colleagues and to this organization. That is why, throughout the week of [DATES], we'll be conducting activities and outreach to help you think about what behaviors and thinking may be contributing to speeding, and how you can change those habits. These efforts are in cooperation with the UN Global Road Safety Week focus on speeding, as this is a world-wide issue.

I understand the temptation to believe that speeding is a good way to get someplace faster and save time. But in reality, speeding is dangerous and not worth the slight time savings. Instead, I'd like to encourage all our team members to commit to making it a priority to plan ahead and avoid the temptation to speed.

It is my hope you will be inspired to make some changes that will set you on the path to driving more safely. Ultimately, your decisions will drive your safety. So please – Slow Down. Speed Matters.

Wishing you safe travels always.