NETS 2nd Regional Road Safety Conference in Latin America!

**Conference proceedings had translation available for Spanish, Portuguese, and English **

September 21 -22, 2021

Whether you are responsible for leading an international road safety program or managing a fleet of vehicles, you know that spreading safe driving messages to drivers in Latin America represents unique challenges. At the conference, best practices and solutions across industries will be shared with other fleet safety managers who face similar challenges.

NETS 2nd LATAM Regional Road Safety conference represents a valuable opportunity to learn about the variety of road safety initiatives and challenges specific to the region.

Keynote Speakers

Alejandra Cruz Ross, Transport Specialist, International Labour Organization (ILO)

Road Safety and Decent Work: Responsibility and Occupational Safety and Health 
In order to better manage the relationship between the safety of the general public and road transport operations it is necessary to bridge the gap between transport regulation and occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation and programmes.

Alejandro Furas, Latin New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Secretary General and Global NCAP Secretary General & Vice President of Technological Affairs

The Latest Initiatives and Road Safety Projects from LATAM NCAP 
Learn more about LATAM NCAPs technology research in the traffic safety realm and how it can affect your fleet purchasing decisions.

Valeria Motta, Partnerships Manager, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

The Role of the Corporate Sector in Global Road Safety: Latin America Perspectives from the Global Alliance of NGOs

Hear from the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety regarding the global push for a 30km/h speed limit where traffic and people mix, and how the corporate sector in Latin America can support this through consideration of fleet management and C02 emission and sustainability.


Sergio Rojas, Holistic Health Coach, Functional Movement Specialist and Certified Nutrition Specialist

Case Study: Better Fleet Safety Performance by Creating a Culture of Wellness
Discuss how a culture of wellness within organizations impacts road safety, and understand the key principles of “self-care”.

Plenary Sessions:

German Acevedo, Director of the Innovation Center for Motorcyclists: Addressing driver training and implementation of 2/3 wheeled vehicles

Coca-Cola Bottlers in Mexico and Brazil: Sharing positive experiences with two different initiatives using technology that provides successful results beyond SAFETY

Johnson and Johnson logo

Johnson & Johnson: Brazil Fleet Program Overview

MSD: Big Data Analysis – Improving safety for driver in LATAM

UPS: Hybrid between training efforts and success stories and leveraging technology due to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Pantaleon: Helping drivers drive more effectively and safely

Additional presentations from NETS LATAM Sponsors!