Drive Safely Work Week™ Distracted Driving Module

Talking on the phone while driving is equally risky whether or not you are hands-free

Safe Driving Is Serious Business

Drive Safely Work Week™ (DSWW) has been an annual campaign sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) for many years. In order to continue this successful campaign, we are updating the structure to focus more tightly on changing specific behaviors.

That is why DSWW is now being offered on a more frequent basis, with modules focused on specific driving behaviors and the latest road safety challenges facing employers.

Let’s Get Started

The Drive Safely Work Week™ campaign materials include meaningful activities that reinforce the program’s safe-driving messages yet won’t take significant time away from the work day. Note that materials are not dated, providing the flexibility you need to schedule Drive Safely Work Week activities for the time that works best with your organization’s work schedule.

How to get started:

Schedule your Drive Safely Work Week

1-2 weeks prior:

  • Send letter announcement to employees
  • Schedule distracted driving training workshop and/or webinar using PPT presentation

During your scheduled Drive Safely Work Week:

  • Post social media announcements throughout the week
  • Distribute employee fact sheet(s)
  • Conduct distracted driving training workshop and/or webinar using PPT presentation


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Terms of Use

NETS grants express consent to use the DSWW toolkit as-is. You may modify the materials by adding your own logos and color scheme, providing you also include the NETS logo and DSWW branding. Organizations promoting the DSWW toolkit may not alter or delete any of the materials without the express written consent of NETS. In addition, organizations promoting DSWW must direct downloading of the DSWW toolkit exclusively to links provided by NETS.