Drive Safely Work Week 2015

Welcome to Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) 2015: #PlanAhead—Your Key to Driving Safely.

Get Started!

This year marks the 19th year of the DSWW campaign sponsored annually by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS.)

We're glad you're here! Planning is critical to safe driving from many different perspectives. Whether thinking through the route you'll take, arranging for a designated driver, prioritizing time to practice with a teen driver or helping a family member prepare for driving retirement, planning ahead is a key element of safe driving. These considerations and more are covered in this year's campaign materials and we're confident you'll find them to be informative, practical and useful.

The 2015 DSWW campaign's daily areas of emphasis will help to:

  • Remember to take time to plan the journey—even those trips that feel routine;
  • Prepare for driving situations that take you into unfamiliar areas;
  • Take precautions to ensure you're driving with a clear head;
  • Learn to navigate the changes we all experience as we age and how they may affect driving; and
  • Think through ways to plan ahead for driving situations that involve family members.

Your participation in this campaign can make a big difference. In the U.S. alone, employers have the opportunity to directly reach more than half of the driving population—even more when information is extended to employee family and community members.

Thank you for downloading the 2015 DSWW campaign. Through our collective efforts, we can reduce the number of traffic crashes that impact our workforce, members of our families and the communities in which we work and live.

Wishing you safe travels,

Joe McKillips, CSP

Director, Global Commercial Environment, Health & Safety — Abbott
Chairperson, NETS