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Dave Scott

Global Land Transportation Safety Advisor
Board Member company since 2014

David Scott is Hess Corporation’s Global Land Transportation Safety Advisor. His position manages a range of land transportation variables. He reviews all high potential land transportation incidents to determine the root cause, prevent future incidents from occurring, and for litigation preparation. He overseas drivers’ training and in-vehicle monitor systems for the Hess fleet of light duty vehicles. David began his career in law enforcement that spanned over twenty-eight years. David received his Collision Reconstruction Certificate from the Northwestern Center for Public Safety. As part of his duties assigned to a traffic unit, David was responsible for investigating all levels of collisions from minor property damage to multiple fatalities. David personally saw the devastation that motor vehicle collisions caused, and has become a champion for motor vehicle safety. While in law enforcement, David was the lead driving instructor for his agency. David designed, instructed, and managed courses to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement officers in advanced driving techniques. David was certified through the state of Washington to instruct Basic and Advanced Collision Investigation and assisted instructing new recruit drivers attending the police academy.

With his diverse skill set, instructing in multiple disciplines, understanding the physics of collisions, as well as understanding what actions drivers are doing in vehicles, David is fully prepared to build a culture of safe drivers. David strongly believes in the Hess ideals of Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday Home Safe.

David also sits on the International Association of Oil And Gas Producers Land Transportation Sub-Committee. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife of nearly thirty years.