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Membership Information

NETS membership is open to all employers who have vehicle fleets. If you are a vendor company, or are a government/non-profit organization, please contact Susan Gillies at or 703.755.5350 for membership information.

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Is your workplace driver safety program doing everything it can to reduce risk for your employees and colleagues?

Do you want to enhance your well-established road safety program?

Do you want support for your growing road safety program?

Do you need guidance as you develop your road safety program?

The Value of Being a NETS Member

  1. Exclusive access to a comprehensive network of world-class road safety experts designed to exchange best practices and improvement solutions via the members-only NETS Road Safety Leaders Forum.
  2. Compare your company’s program with others and learn the elements of world-class programs with NETS Annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Fleet Safety Benchmark Program.
  3. Build or expand your program with downloadable members-only resources to help gain senior management support.
  4. Access to invitation-only STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference.
  5. Access to NETS Membership Directory.
  6. Unlimited number of employee accounts.
Annual cost: $1,590 per company
Less than one-third the cost of just one property-damage-only crash!
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NETS members represent multiple industries:

NETS members include companies from the Agriculture, Energy, Financial Services & Insurance, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Shipping, and Transportation industries.

NETS members invest in road safety to protect their colleagues, families, friends and community as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

1U.S. Department of Transportation