New Guide From NETS Helps Parents Coach Teen Drivers

Vienna, Va. — The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) says that frequent “ride-alongs” with employee drivers to observe and discuss driving habits is a best practice of leading road safety programs.  That same concept can be applied to parents of teen drivers.

To help parents guide teens in developing the skills to be safe, focused drivers, NETS has announced the release of the new Novice Driver’s Road Map: An 8-Step Guide for Parents.  NETS unveiled the new edition of The Novice Driver’s Road Map in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 16-22.

A study released last week by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concluded that parents don’t spend enough time supervising teens’ practice time behind the wheel.  “Spending time with teens behind the wheel can be a stressful, intimidating experience for parents,” said Bill Windsor, NETS Chair and Associate Vice President of Nationwide Insurance. “Using the collective experience of company fleet managers, The Novice Driver’s Road Map provides parents with a structured approach to coaching their teens in a variety of driving environments.”

The Novice Driver’s Road Map (NDRM) provides an easy-to-follow curriculum for parents to guide their teens in the practice that is not only needed to be a safe, focused driver, but in most states, is also required to be licensed.  The guide is built around a series of eight coached drives that increase in complexity and include a checklist of practice skills for each drive along with a set of guided instructions.  The practice sessions progress from driving in a parking lot to driving at night and in inclement weather.

The NDRM is an ideal way for employers to become engaged in teen driving outreach. Companies interested in pursuing this can contact NETS to learn about NDRM sponsorship opportunities. Beyond offering sponsorships to employers, NETS will offer the NDRM to high schools at a special rate to enable student groups to use it as a fundraiser for safe-driving outreach programs.  Driver trainers, licensing agencies, highway safety organizations and individual parents can also benefit from the NDRM’s parent-teen driving practice plan.

About the NDRM

Developed and reviewed by a team of experts and tested by teens and parents, The Novice Driver’s Road Map has been updated and revised to address the findings of recent research on teen driving crashes and to provide guidance on the challenges of today’s driving environment.  A Coach’s Game Book is included that provides tips on how to be a good role model, establishing rules and other vital information on the learning-to-drive process.  The guide is presented in a well-organized packet—including a practice log and place for notes—that fits neatly in the glove compartment. For more information on ordering the packet, including volume discounts, contact NETS at

About NETS

NETS is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization, a partnership between the U.S. Federal government and the private sector.  Board of Directors members include Abbott, AmeriFleet Transportation, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, Monsanto Company, Nationwide Insurance, and UPS.  In addition, NETS’ Board of Directors includes federal liaisons from the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Established in 1989, NETS is dedicated to preventing traffic crashes that occur on and off the job.