DSWW 2016 poster Drive Safely Work Week™ 2016 -

Drowsy driving and other important risky driving behaviors and countermeasures are highlighted in this year's campaign. Driver behavior contributes to 94% of all traffic crashes, according to NHTSA, meaning nearly all crashes are preventable.

DSWW 2015 Poster Drive Safely Work Week™ 2015 -

The toolkit underscores why advance preparation is important. Whether checking the fuel gauge the night before, thinking through your route, arranging for a designated driver or planning practice sessions with a teen driver, planning ahead is a key element of safe driving.

Drive Safely Work Week™ 2014 -

The tool kit builds the case for executive leadership to adopt safe driving for all employees as a part of the corporate safety culture and provides low-cost tools and ideas to start, expand and sustain a road safety program.

The free DSWW tool kit is available for download via the NETS website and provides easy-to-use Web-based resources that include campaign graphics and materials targeted to leadership as well as the employee-base.

2013 DSWW poster Drive Safely Work Week™ 2013 -

Campaign materials illustrate how maintenance of mind, body and vehicle are all connected and essential components to being a safe driver. Resources, tips and activities are provided to help drivers be at their best behind the wheel. The campaign was developed using the expertise of NETS’ member companies, collectively representing a fleet of more than half a million vehicles that travel in excess of 10 billion miles globally each year.

dsww 2012 Drive Safely Work Week™ 2012 -

This year’s toolkit provides information and activities to address some of the most common types of traffic crashes across the general population, fleet drivers and teen drivers. The materials encourage employees to refresh their own safe-driving skills, as well as to share the tools and resources provided with family members, particularly new or up-and-coming drivers in the household.

Drive Safely Work Week 2011 Drive Safely Work Week™ 2011 -

The 2011 campaign is focused on the dangers of distracted driving— but not just from the position of the driver. The new materials also help consider the roles and responsibilities of being a safe passenger, pedestrian and cyclist in preventing distracted driving-related incidents.

DSWW 2011 Drive Safely Work Week™ 2010 -

The 2010 Drive Safely Work Week campaign is focused on the dangers of distracted driving and provides meaningful education and awareness activities to help keep employees safe.

DSWW 2009 - drive focused. drive smart. get home safely Drive Safely Work Week™ 2009 -

Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) is an annual workplace safety campaign, providing an easy, affordable way to remind employees of safe driving practices.