Think of how beneficial it would be to see a comparison of leading road safety programs, an analysis of results and how your program compares. That is what you gain with the NETS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Report and associated data.

An invitation to participate in the study and access to the report and resulting data is a benefit of NETS membership.

The report brings together socially responsible companies willing to look at their own crash metrics, compare findings and share what they’ve learned. This program is for all types of companies and organizations—large or small, local or global, public or private.

Benchmarking will show how your company compares in terms of crash, injury and fatality frequencies, taking into consideration road safety policies, driver training programs, crash review practices, the “greening” of fleets, and more. Members identify best practices to put in place a cost-effective, integrated, and comprehensive plan to improve their road safety performance.

The annual report is introduced each year at the NETS Annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Conference.

Learn more about NETS Benchmark Report as published in Safety Science: The relationships among roadway safety management practices, collision rates, and injury rates within company fleets.

NETS Benchmark Safety Science Journal

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2023 STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® (Data Year 2022) Report

Comparison of road safety program elements and fleet metrics.

2023 Strength IN Numbers Benchmark Report (Data Year 2022)

2023 STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® (Data Year 2022) Metrics & Program Survey

Access detailed metrics and program elements from the STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Report.

2023 Strength IN Numbers Benchmark Metrics and Program Survey (Data Year 2022)

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