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NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks

NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks are intended to communicate information and knowledge during safety talks about safe driving specifically for employees who drive for work, but can also be shared with all employees and their family members who drive within the community. A Toolbox Talk should ideally take 5-10 minutes. Each Toolbox Talk is designed to provide Team Leaders/Managers and Facilitators with the required resources and information to conduct a safety talk about a specific safe driving topic.

NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks do not need to be shared in their entirety. Limited information and facts from the toolbox may be selected based on time constraints and/or to share targeted messages.

NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks may be shared during a stand-up meeting, a town hall safety talk, through email, or by other means based on your targeted audience.

Each NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talk may contain:

  • Infographic Posters
  • Fact Sheets
  • Safe Driving Tips
  • Statistics
  • PPT Presentation
  • Employer Overview
  • Links to Useful Videos

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Speed Toolbox Talk

Speed is a contributing factor in the severity of all road traffic crashes. Establish a safe-speed policy and communicate to drivers what they need to do to comply.

Terms of Use

NETS grants express consent for NETS Members to use NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks as-is within your organization; the materials are a benefit of NETS membership and may not be shared outside your organization or with anyone who is not an employee of your organization. You may modify the materials by adding your own logos and color scheme, or by translating the materials into other languages, as long as attribution to NETS remains and you also include the NETS logo and branding. Organizations internally promoting NETSTalk Safety Toolbox Talks must direct any downloading of the toolbox materials exclusively to links provided by NETS which require a members-only login.

The information in the toolbox talk is provided as a courtesy by NETS to its members. It is provided “as is,” without any representations or guarantees as to its accuracy, and by using it you are agreeing that neither NETS nor any contributing company is liable for the content or use of this information.