Managing Fatigue for the Fleet Safety Professional

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Driver Fatigue is a Major Contributor to Global Vehicle Deaths, Injuries and Crashes

Fatigue-related crashes are fully preventable when we understand the effects and impacts of fatigue on the safety of fleet drivers and take actions to mitigate this driver risk.

Who is this guide for?

NETS developed this guide for safety professionals responsible for managing light, medium or heavy vehicle fleets who seek to: 1) understand how fatigue impacts the safety of workers who drive as part of their job, and 2) reduce the risk of crashes and injuries resulting from fatigued driving among their drivers.

The contents of this guide are based on current knowledge about fatigue, fatigue risk management principles, and the experiences of NETS members.

An atmosphere of “just culture”

Just culture is a concept that considers errors to be largely the result of a faulty organizational culture and rarely solely the fault of the employee. This guide approaches driver fatigue management from a just culture perspective, but also acknowledges that employers and employees share responsibility for preventing driver fatigue.



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