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daily campaign activities

activity in a flashFor each day of the campaign week, we've featured an activity that requires minimal time—both on the part of the person planning your organization's campaign as well as from the employee participating in the activity. Look for the stop watch icon to identify a quick activity.

Each day has more than one option for activities to help reinforce the campaign messages. We're certain you will find plenty of materials to customize a week to suit your organization's needs!

Just click on each day listed at the left, or download a pdf summary of all fact/tip sheets and activities »

Note the supporting resources available for each day. To view these, simply go back and click on the corresponding day of the week, listed at the left on the site. Unless otherwise noted, the activity sheets have been designed for use by your campaign administrator, with the corresponding resources and daily fact/tip sheets designed for distribution to the employees.

You can also download a zipped file with all campaign materials and graphics »


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