Drive Safely Work Week™ 2016 is Oct. 3-7!


2seconds2click™ Seat Belt Campaign

This toolkit was developed by NETS in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is a turn-key resource for conducting a 6-week workplace seat belt campaign.

Visit the 2seconds2click website

Recommended Road Safety Practices™

The NETS benchmarking effort identifies interventions to help companies improve their road safety practices. These recommended practices address the main road safety policies for companies with fleets and represent elements of a company's safety culture.

Download the Rocommended Road Safety Practices Guide

Guide to Defensive Driver Training™

The NETS Guide to Defensive Driver Training™ provides guidance on what constitutes an effective and sustainable Defensive Driver Training (DDT) program.

Download the Guide to Defensive Driver Training

Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers—2015™

In 2013, U.S. traffic crashes cost employers $47.4 billion in direct expenses. See the breakdown of how driver behaviors—on and off the job—contribute to the costs.

Download the Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers 2015

Electronic Novice Driver's Road Map™

The eNDRM is an 8-step guide for parents to help teen drivers get the practice they need on the road to becoming a safe driver.

Download the eNDRM

View two short, helpful videos on YouTube

Comprehensive Guide to Road Safety™

The Comprehensive Guide has global applicability and is for employers of large or small fleets of all vehicle types with new, developing or advanced road safety programs. It is available in 21 languages.

Download the Comprehensive Guide to Road Safety